7 Questions You Might Be Asking About Our Church

1. I am nervous about visiting your church, what is it like there?

Calvary Chapel Victorville has a very warm and hospitable environment. There are greeters waiting to welcome you as you enter the church and ushers who will direct you anywhere you need to go. 

2. Where is the front door?

The front door is located on the east side of the building facing Hesperia Rd.

3. What is the pastor like?

The pastor is friendly, genuine and humble. He makes himself available at the end of every service to greet the church members, pray with, and discuss the teachings. 

4. What are the pastor's sermons like?

The sermons are taught from the bible chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse. The pastor takes a very literal and simple approach with the Holy Spirit's leading and nothing is skipped over.

5. What is the music like? 

The worship is a mix of new contemporary music and older hymns while maintaining simplicity and keeping Jesus at the center.

6. Is the children's ministry okay?

The Children's Ministry teaches the kids the Word of God at a level that meets their specific age group, in a fun and safe environment.

7. What are the people attending your church like?

Calvary Chapel Victorville welcomes a variety of individuals regardless of race, age, background and social status. The church members are friendly and maintain a family atmospere.