marriage ministry

greg & julie peterson

We have been married for almost 12 years. This is the second marriage for both of us. Carrying baggage from being divorced and trying to raise a blended family put a lot of strain on our marriage. Despite attending and being involved at church, we let unresolved conflict grow until we reached the point of us living at opposite ends of the house. We were headed for divorce. Greg went to our pastor to tell him that we were getting divorced. That began the point where people started praying for us and Greg started fighting to save our marriage. As he did, God was faithful to begin the process of healing our hurt hearts. With some reluctance, we attended marriage classes through our church. In those classes we learned what tools God gives us for marriage and we began to use those tools. As we started working to improve our relationship, God worked a miracle in our marriage and now it is better than we ever knew a marriage could be. We then started hosting the marriage classes in our home and now we are teaching the class. We are excited to tell others how God has worked in our marriage and to encourage them in knowing that God can work a miracle in their marriage, too.




If you would like to receive marriage counseling by Greg and Julie Peterson, please contact the church office at (760) 241-0778 or email at