omsk, russia

pastor max gorbunov

My name is Max Gorbunov. In 1996, I worked as a translator at a conference called “Christian Ethics in School” and was presented with a Bible. I started reading 3 chapters from the New Testament at home every evening and had days when I received the answers to my questions!  In two months, on March 26, 1996 God entered my life and I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior while on my knees in prayer at home.

Two months later, the Lord gave me a chance to visit a couple in Moscow that I was translating for. By that time they knew that there was a Calvary Chapel in Moscow.  Calvary Chapel was where they used to go to when they were in the United States. I really enjoyed the services at church and started praying for a Calvary Chapel in Omsk. George Bryson, head of Calvary Chapel Church Planting Mission (CCCPM) in Russia, came to Omsk that summer. We spent a day talking and praying together about a Calvary Chapel in Omsk.

Our first church service at Calvary Chapel Omsk was on March 2, 1997. The man I was translating for a year before became our first pastor.  In July 2001, the Lord called me to pastor the church in Omsk.

Our first outreach was in 2002. Since that time, we have had outreaches every year and the fruit is amazing! The Lord has been adding to the number those who are being saved outreach-by-outreach! We look forward to all God has for us in the future.